James Elliot Bailey - LA Photographer James Elliot Bailey - LA Photographer


​I adore photography because it allows me the ability to save a moment of importance, or beauty, from being lost forever to time; to not only prevent a memory from being forgotten, but then to have the potential to share a piece of that experience with anyone unable to witness it firsthand.

Photography is pure magic - born of science, desire, & intent.

I am a Los Angeles based photographer - Specializing in celebrity, music, and fashion portraiture.

I've worked for commercial brands such as Lexus, Sony Music UK, Marshall, Modcloth, Replenish and others. Editorial clients including Magnet Magazine, Variety, i-D, Organic Life, Seattle Magazine, Flaunt, Prevention, NPR, Paste, and Nylon Guys.

Photo by Galina Dubinskaya

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