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Bois Dorés

Bois Dorés
An introduction to the images

 The city of Paris has always called to me. Though I've only ever lived in the Western lands of The United States, I have always felt something pulling me to this romantic embodiment half a world away. A capital comprised of deliberate architecture, overflowing with intriguing history and captivating people. To see it with my own eyes and to walk aimlessly through the old cobbled streets, this has been an ever present daydream.

 In June of 2017, the notion of taking my first visit to this city became heavy on my mind, and making this trip a reality became my sole purpose. I undertook the following few weeks to sorting through the logistics, and figuring out how to do so within my means. I decided that if I were to take on this pursuit, I would live as a Parisian for the months of July and August. To better understand a different culture and to find a new perspective to all that I've known as an American.

 It was exciting to think of exploring this foreign setting for myself, with my only prior conceptions based on the imagery framed by other individuals intent - perceived through their works of film, photography, and literature.

 These photographs were not taken for any other person, or for any other reason, aside from the fact that I wanted to take them. Something photographers tend to forget, it's okay to shoot without outside influence. These were the scenes that I found beautiful or interesting or odd - or offered any composition that would be otherwise ineffable. They are an insight into what I believe travel can (and should) be. Not merely visiting an unknown place for a couple days just for a taste, but to truly inhabit a city overly saturated with history and culture, and to obtain some small idea of what it would be like if you were to spend the rest of your days there; then to return home with that knowledge gained, and use it to better understand and love the place that you choose to call home.

 If you are to view these photographs, I hope you'll take the time to view them in their entirety (takes about 5 mins), on the biggest screen you have. This series is the result of two months of my life, my visual aesthetics, and the actions I took to turn an aspiration into an adventure.

Bois Dorés translates to Gilded Wood