James Elliot Bailey - LA Photographer James Elliot Bailey - LA Photographer


​I adore photography because it allows me the ability to save a moment of importance, or beauty, from being lost forever to time.
To not only prevent a memory from being forgotten, but then to have the potential to share that experience with anyone who was never there to witness it firsthand.

Photography is pure magic - born of science, desire, & intent.

I am a Los Angeles based photographer - Specializing in celebrity, music, and fashion portraiture.

I've worked for commercial brands such as Lexus, Sony Music UK, Modcloth, Replenish and others. Editorial clients including Magnet Magazine, Variety, Organic Life, Seattle Magazine, Flaunt, Prevention, NPR, Paste, and Nylon Guys.

*photos taken in my favorite photobooth - Musee Mechanique in San Francisco
L - 23, R - 30

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